Our Specific Asks

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Under no circumstance shall the park kill any Tule Elk.

  1. The park should prioritize Tule Elk habitat.

  2. The park should refuse to grant 20-year permits and leases to cattle and dairy ranchers. Ranchers have overstayed their original permit limits already. Long-term leases will set a terrible precedent in favor of private, commercial industry and jeopardize the future of our parks and the health of the ecosystem.

  3.  Absolutely no diversification of ranch operations. Any diversification (such as chicken coops, pigs, sheep, row crops, etc) will only serve to attract more predators like coyotes, foxes, bobcats that will be in conflict with ranch operations and have to be "managed" as well.

  4. The park should revoke permits for all cattle and dairy operations and restore the leased land to its original, pre-industry state. The park should prioritize wildlife NOT commercial interests!Do you agree? Sign our online petition!! Go HERE.

  5. We would like the park to update their education and visuals throughout the park to reflect their mission— wildlife preservation. We would like to see the information tablets that currently highlight dairy and ranching history to be replaced with ones that showcase the park’s biodiversity and their work in wildlife protection and restoration.

  6. We would like the fence at the Pierce Point Elk Reserve to be ultimately be taken down so a migration corridor can be created for that Tule Elk herd.