The next phase of the park’s Environmental Impact Statement is due out “late July.” There will be a 45-day public comment period during that time where it is crucial to show the park that there is a huge voice that will hold the park accountable to their mission of protecting wildlife.

We are collecting handwritten letters to deliver during that comment period. We have our petition to be delivered during that time. We need as much public outcry as possible. Every bit of outreach helps, so we’d love your help in spreading the word.

Below are some events we have going on, and we welcome anyone to host their own event, big or small, and are offering our support in whatever way we can for you to organize your own outreach.

Do you have an event you’d like us to be at? Please contact us! email

Host your own Letter Writing Party!
We need to get as many letters as possible signed and sent back to us so we can hand deliver them to the National Park Service during the public comment period this summer. Email to get a PDF of the letter. You can print, make copies, and pass them out to your friends, family, co-workers, anyone you feel comfortable approaching. From there you can mail your copies back to us and we will use them in our demonstration.

Host your own film screening of Shame of Point Reyes!
Would you be willing to organize a film screening? If you do the grunt work of finding a space, and getting people to attend, we can get you the film and if possible be there after to speak on a panel. email


Film Screening: Shame of Point Reyes
July 7th, New Parkway Theater, Oakland CA
Details TBD
More info:

Join us for an incredible film showcasing the issue of the Tule Elk and land management happening within Point Reyes National Seashore. Meet Skyler, the maker of the film and a panel of people active in the work to answer any of the complex questions that arise.

Nature Day: Point Reyes Field Trip
August TBD
10am - 4pm
Meet at the Red Barn Visitor Center in Point Reyes National Seashore

Join Laura Cunningham, author, artist and activist with Diana Oppenheim of for a field trip to the park. We will walk through some of the most contentious parts of the park and some of the most beautiful to see for ourselves what is really going on and what is at stake. If there’s time, we’ll even get to see and sketch some rare wildflowers!

Sonoma County Veg Fest
Saturday, 8/3 in Santa Rosa, CA

Come look for our table at this super rad veg fest in Sonoma County. We’ll hopefully be in phase two of our outreach— the “post public comment” period where we will be strategizing ways to follow up and make sure the park has heard our voice to Save the Tule Elk!

Shining Light on the Issue:
Point Reyes Lighthouse event.
Date August TBD

The Point Reyes Lighthouse is scheduled for re-opening. We believe that the increased traffic through the park will be a great venue to spread awareness of this important issue. We will be joining forces with our friends and educating the public around the Tule Elk.

** Volunteers needed**
If you’d like to be involved, please reach out directly.